Prof. Asoc. Dr. Enver Bytyçi and Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska invited at the historic scientific activity in Vlore on 15th anniversary of Kosovo Independence Day

On February 17, 2023, at the venues of Museum of Kosovo in Vlora, the Institute of Political Studies “Ismail Qemal Vlora”, held an historic scientific and festive activity on 15th anniversary of Independence Day of Kosovo. Attending the activity were intellectuals of Vlora, professors and various personalities of political and social life of the city, legislators and guests from Kosovo and Tirana. A precious contribution was offered also by two professors of Albanian University. The opening speech was held by legislator Bujar Leskaj. The key presentation about the path of our brotherly state was held by Prof. Asoc. Dr. Enver Bytyçi, who while pointing to the sublime act of declaring the state of Kosovo as independent, reminded the participants about the journey until the independence, as the completion of a painful process full of tears and blood for the Kosovo people. In his speech, he recalled the unique sacrifice and persistent resistance of generations, which preceded the fulfillment of the dream for freedom and democracy that was developed and strengthened in the course of 15 years as a new state, as a testimony of democratic culture in organization of political life, development and establishment of its state- building capacities with the creation of a solid base for further functioning. Other presentations were held by Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska, who provided documents and historical facts about the contribution of Albanian parliament for Kosovo question, former legislator and former mayor of Vlora Municipality, Mr. Gëzim Zilja focused on historical memory through songs and folk creations as well as poet from Eqerem Canaj read one of his poetries dedicated to Kosovo. A great moment at this event was the interpretation of an improvised song about Kosovo and it heroism by polyphony singers. The participants visited the premises of Kosovo Museum, which with its interior, materials, paintings, photographs, books and documents with a great archive value, consist of an historic testimony for Kosovo.