Rector’s Word




Dear students,

Honorable colleagues, members of the academic staff of Albanian University,

The beginning of the year is an important and special date for the whole university, but in particular for first year students, who start a journey for realisation of dreams and wishes with regards to choice of the branch to later on continue their professional career. 

2021-2022 academic year was for us the first year after the pandemics, which allowed organisation of the teaching process in the auditories and laboratories, thus we are turning to normality.

Dear newly admitted students, the auditories and laboratories of Albanian University offer optimal conditions, qualified academic staff with a long experience. In these premises, starting from 2004 are graduated more than 20.000 students from all over Albanian regions.

Likewise, Albanian University has always praised the work focused on scientific research, as a legal obligation. The conferences organised in this respect are an important indicator. Participation of foreign experts in them has encouraged implementation of contemporary methods during lectures and teaching practices.

Dear students, in the name of the Academic Senate, allow me to wish you a successful kick-off of the academic year, I am convinced that we will cope with all the difficult challenges that may come across our long journey.

May you have a successful year!

Professor Doctor Pavllo Kongo