Mission and Values

The mission of “Albanian University” is to develop and expand knowledge dimensions through better education, intellectual, social and cultural growth of students, contributing to the advancement of community with the aspiration of providing an intellectual environment that encourages critical and creative thinking, as well as institutional and academic values, principles and ethics.

As a private university, but with an important public mission, Albanian University motivates students to develop research and reflection abilities on important issues of national and international community, through qualitative education and modern study programmes.

“Albanian University” is oriented towards values and new forms of research and development, aiming to generate able specialists that can undertake and respond with dignity to challenges of living in an open society.

Guided by the values and focused on peoplethe institution aims to use the knowledge, which is transmitted to the students, in order to change their future life and contributing this way to a productive and prosperous society.

Values we believe on:

  • Quality in every educational initiative;
  • Organizational integrity and reliability;
  • Collegiality and decision-making participation;
  • Volunteerism and responsibility in the achievement of educational standards;
  • Academic responsibility and freedom;
  • Ethics perseverance and established credibility.