Career & Alumni Office

Mission and Objectives

  • The mission of the Career, Coordination and Student Support Office is to guide, encourage and support the AU students for their professional and personal development through their participation in extracurricular academic, professional, social and cultural programs which are relevant to the need of the labor market.
  • The main objective of this office is to support the students on their preparation for employment and to serve in encouraging and developing their career in certain study fields.
  • Exchanging ideas with graduates, holding discussions on current main topics, organizing competitive activities, organizing tours, participating in academic conferences, humanitarian and awareness raising campaigns, are all parts of this Office’s activities.
  • The Career, Coordination and Student Support Office serves as a bridge between the students and the employment needs, opening doors of opportunities for contacting potential employers with the aim of promoting AU students and searching for new employment opportunities.
  • This Office aims to facilitate connection between the academic career and job opportunities of graduates at Albanian University and to promote them in a variety of companies, organizations and enterprises interested in recruiting new employees. It also aims to guide the student towards career development, through assessment of each student’s personal interests and their harmonization with job positions, payments as well as terms and conditions desired by both parties of the employment agreement.  

Functions of the Office

The main functions of the Office include direct interaction with the students, in order to:

  • encourage the process of knowing the student, as well as the student’s knowing his/her own abilities;
  • enable students to express their individual preferences and opportunities available to the labor market;
  • help students understand their expectations, requirements and standards of the labor market;
  • prepare students for the first presentation with the employer (CV, Cover Letter, Interview, etc.)
  • identify career alternatives and to build career planning.


Regulation of the career development office (1)