The Administrative Board

Pursuant to article 10, item 1 of the Albanian University Statute, the Administrative Board is a central steering administrative body of the University, which guarantees accomplishment of the mission of a higher education institution – its financial and administrative management.

The administrative board is chaired by the Administrator (ex officio member), whom this right is granted under the contract, and is composed of members of academic staff, non-academic staff and a number of notable figures appointed by the Administrator, as well as a representative appointed by the Students Council of the institution.The members of Academic Senate, Deans, Deputy Deans and Deputy Rectors cannot be members of the Board.

During exercise of its competences, the Administrative Board guides, reviews, advices and votes the strategies and non-academic activities of the University. The Administrative Board decisions are collegial and valid upon the Administrator’s signature.

The Administrative Board shall exercise the following competences  :

  • approves criteria for distribution of the financial resources of the University proposed by the Rectorate;
  • approves, upon request of the Academic Senate, the draft budget of the university with 2/3 of votes of its members;
  • approves proposals of the administrative and academic sectors related to functioning of the university in terms of the administrative, financial or economic aspect;
  • decides on appointments and dismissals about the administrative vacancies proposed by the respective administrative sectors:
  • approves structure and number of staff of the University at all levels;
  • establishes criteria for definition of wages of the University staff, as well as the fee per class;
  • defines conditions and rewards for the work contracts based on the qualification of the employee and the graduate or student status;
  • preliminary approves the University registration and study fee and forwards them for further approval to the Academic Senate;
  • evaluates the development plan of the institution and the annual program of its activity;
  • approves the regulation of its functioning;
  • offers infrastructure and administrative service for well-going and functioning of collegial and monocratic bodies of the University;
Regulation of the administrativ board (1)