Internal Quality Assurance Unit

In Albanian University, the Internal Quality Assurance System functions since 2009 -2010. Since then, to institutionalize the Internal Quality Assurance System, by Decision of the Academic Senate no. 178 dt. 23/07/2010, the University has set up the Internal Quality Assurance Unit, and finally in accordance with the law 80/15, by Decision No. 4 of the Academic Senate dated 22/12/2016, it has set up the Permanent Institutional Assessment, Commission, which designs the quality assurance policies in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and National Quality Standards. The Internal Quality Assurance Unit has access to all University information thus enabling, based on policies and criteria that it deems appropriate, the internal quality assurance. This unit is directly subordinated to the Rector of the University, and is responsible for submitting an annual report which includes information and assessments for the teaching and research, process, the quality of academic and administrative service offered, and recommends measures to improve the quality parameters in the future. The report, after being presented to the Academic Senate, is approved and published on the official web site.

 IQAU exerts a support, advisory, coordinating, monitoring and administrative function with other academic and administrative structures of the University, and offers expertise in the development of quality assurance processes. This unit, in collaboration with the Institutional Assessment Committee develops selfevaluation policies and determines the evaluation criteria to be followed, enables the design of surveys and models of evaluation reports.

IQAU operates also at basic unit level since September 2016 with the establishment of Quality Assurance groups within it, by Academic Senate Decision no. 157/3 dated. 08/09/2016. Thus, at basic unit level, at the beginning of each academic year, during the teaching process, and at its end, the syllabuses, literature and evaluation forms are analyzed and evaluated. Control and evaluation are made on the basis of statistical data, collected during student surveys – focus groups, self-evaluation reports of lecturers, semester and annual reports of basic units, as well as the results achieved by students. All these statistical data are made available to IQAU from the base unit and the Registrar’s Office. IQAU analyzes the data and highlights issues and situations for improvement, in order to increase the teaching and research performance, the interaction of all component factors of the University.