“Albanian University Center” (AUC) is a nonprofit organization that is funded with Decision of the Tirana District Court No. 848, date 03.12.2013.

Headquarters: Boulevard “Zogu I”, 1016, Tirana

Executive director: Prof. Assoc. Dr. Genta Rexha e – mail:

The main goals of “Albanian University Center” are:

a. scientific research in the field of medicine, engineering, information and communication technology, economy, art and design, cultural heritage, education, psychology, law, political and administrative sciences, etc.;

b. organization of activities that support and encourage employment, volunteering and increase civic responsibility;

c. encouragement of integration and developing policies in the framework of Albania’s EU membership requirements;

d. functioning as a group for all members of the community, civil society and various groups of interest in order to offer them access in public decision-making;

e. strengthening the voice and community analysis at national, regional and local level with the help of civil commitment;

f. drafting and implementation of development, monitoring and research projects on public policies, government reforms through expertise and development of scientific research;

g. preparing publications and documentary films related to the mission and goals of the Center;

h. awareness of the community on the right of participation in the establishment of local, regional and national policies;

i. offering facilities for the publication of scientific papers for researchers in Albania and abroad;

j. organization of training courses for various categories, community, public state institutions and groups of interest;

k. organization of seminars, workshops and conferences aiming to complete the goals of the Center;

l. providing various services related to the Center’s mission, fund raising, as non-profit activities;

m. support and encouragement of every initiative by citizens, professionals in different fields, journalists, intellectuals, organisations, considered appropriate and important for the completion of the Center’s goal.

Key projects and activities:


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