International Relations Office

Educational institutions need to work together to develop necessary capacities regarding scientific studies by promoting scientific initiatives and cultural exchange aiming to boost increased human capacities in terms of scientific studies. In cooperation with its partners at the university environment, Albanian University will play an important role to favour establishment of such relations on strong bases for future cooperation.Educational institutions need to create partnership relations with the local social and economic environment.

On the other side, businesses need to find capacities in the scientific research that can be offered by the academic staff of the university. There exist considerable distances between higher education institutions and social economic environment in the country. These distances, such as lack of information or even legal grounds, such as Law on Copyright prevent the use of scientific works of researchers.Business can benefit from knowledge of the academic staff, their high level of qualification, because it may positively affect the increase of its weight in the labor market. 

The Albanian University diploma offers strong competences in their respective fields, but they certainly need to improve the practical competences in the exercise of profession, team work, etc, which would make the Albanian University graduates more effective in the labor market.

In this respect, the University will take the following measures:

  • Strengthening of Foreign Relations Office;
  • Creation of opportunities for researchers and institution, assessing the capacity of partners and boosting joint activities in this respect;
  • Favoring exchanges between professionals of different universities and professionals and social and economic environments;
  • Improvement of the recognition process of advantages offered by cooperation with the academic world for local businesses through support of the studies on the market and creation of opportunities for businesses to gain from scientific researches in their fields of interest;
  • Greater employment of candidates with experience in the decision-making of business organizations;
  • Encouragement of business organizations to enable realization of students’ practices;
  • Looking for an opportunity to create a doctoral scholarship program.