Promoting highest performing students is another policy of “Albanian University”, aiming to be a leader of private education, in preparing future elites in the fields of politics, education, medicine, architecture, engineering, finance, management, psychology, etc.

The purpose of this program is to attract excellent students who apply to Albanian University in all its courses, as well as to stimulate and enhance the quality of teaching. Students who have benefited from the Excellence Program and Scholarships over the years are:


In the academic year 2015-2016:

Excellence Scholarship – 7 students

50% discount scholarship – 24 students

30% discount scholarship – 5 students


In the academic year 2016-2017:

Excellence Scholarship – 8 students

50% discount scholarship – 6 students

30% discount scholarship – 39 students


In the academic year 2017-2018:

Excellence Scholarship – 7 students

50% discount scholarship – 3 students

30% discount scholarship – 36 students


In the academic year 2018-2019:

Excellence Scholarship – 4 students

50% discount scholarship – 3 students

30% discount scholarship – 30 students


Albanian University follows the tradition of the Excellence Program in the intermediate years for students who have a high GPA at the end of each year of study, motivating them to continue to perform even better in the future.


Such programs serve not only to the university experience, but also to motivate students to study and research.


Intermediate Scholarships: Students who achieve higher results in the first years of undergraduate studies receive a 50% and 30% annual tuition discount for the next academic year. These students are also given the opportunity to work as assistants of lecturers in teaching practice for the first years.


Other Scholarships: Some other scholarships are offered by Albanian University, according to the strategy of the university, for orphans and students belonging to other social categories. During these years “Albanian University” in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs has offered dozens of scholarships for the children of the killed policemen, orphans, people with disabilities, the Roma community etc.