Department of Art Design

Head of Department: Dr. Teuta BAJO

The Department of Architecture as an integral part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Economics has started its activity with the program of study Master of Science in “Architecture” in the academic year 2005-2006. In the academic year 2011-2012 the Department offered for the first time the Bachelor study program in “Design”, and in the academic year 2018-2019 offered the new Professional Master study program in “Interior Design”. This department as an integral part of “Albanian University” has the primary task of processing and transmitting knowledge, the progress of culture, progress and appreciation in the field of Design. The department’s curriculum mission is to provide the specialist with the relevant profile with contemporary knowledge capable of responding to the labor market.

Currently, the Department of Architecture offers the following study programs:

  1. Study Program: Bachelor in “Design”
  2. Study Program: Professional Master in “Interior Design”


Bachelor Degree in “Design”

The Bachelor Degree Program in “Design” was opened in the academic year 2011-2012 by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No.199, Dt. May 16, 2012 with a qualified academic staff at home and abroad, artist – designer with a very active career, both in teaching and in artistic creativity. Bachelor’s Degree in “Design” provides students with contemporary academic and practical knowledge that will serve the practical and creative sense of the student, who at the end of the 3-year program will be able to continue and advance the knowledge and to design them in the appropriate design directions such as: Graphic Design, Multimedia, Web Design, Interior Design etc. Students who graduate from the Bachelor study program in “Design” are prepared to work on: Graphic Design Studio, Daily or Weekly Newsroom, 3D TV Studios, Animation Effects, Photographic Studio, Design Studio as an Interior Designer, Printing House, publishing, 9 year school (figurative art teacher), individually in the private sector (art studio), web design, art gallery etc. The Bachelor Study Program in “Design” is an accredited program with the Decision of the Accreditation Board of ASCAL No. 78, dated 04.10.2019.


Professional Master Study Program in “Interior Design”

The Master’s Degree Program in “Interior Design”, opened with the Order of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth No. 669, dated 12.10.2018 and accredited by Decision of Accreditation Board of ASCAL Nr. 55, dated 05.07.2019, aims to create the specialist “Interier Dizajner” through theoretical-practical preparation during the 1-year period enabling immediate access to the job market as a designer of interior spaces.

In the Master’s Professional study program, “Interior Design” combines theory and practice, creativity and logic, art and technology by developing creative and analytical skills for the student. Also, the student is formed with the presentation skills of the project in order to make the best of oneself.

Through professional practice, course assignments and projects, students are familiar with current interior issues and gain skills in problem-solving techniques that will help them compete successfully in the job market.

At the end of one-year studies, the figure of the specialist “Interior Designer” will be able to provide functional and aesthetic solutions to the interior, with different functions, through the use of furniture, colors, light and materials as needed interiors by improving the lifestyle.

After finishing Master’s Professional Master’s degree in “Interior Design”, all graduated students enter the professional world as independent “Interior Design” specialist or can be employed in design, architecture or creative sectors of companies different.