Ph.D.(Doctoral Studies)

Albanian University is currently offering these third cycle “Doctorate” study programs:


  1. European and Contracts Law
  2. Administrative Science
  3. Pharmaceutical Sciences
  4. Clinical Psychology


Pursuant to Law 80/2015 “On Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania” and Guideline no. 31, dated 29/12/2017, Albanian University has applied to the MASR for the reorganization of third cycle study programs. There is no new information from these programs as approval from the MASR is expected. The institution has applied to ASCAL for the accreditation of these ongoing study programs.

These study programs aim to prepare skilled researchers and genuine experts who will be able to independently research, study, and deepen scientific analysis of issues and problems in the relevant fields. These study programs have objective training with technology and methodologies of research work, student participation in scientific activities, interdisciplinary approaches in the fields of study, project leadership skills, profiling in separate comparative or monographic study profiles, consulting, training for administered company or specialized market recognition.

Doctorate studies in “European and Contracts Law”

This study program is provided by Albanian University at the Department of Law. The purpose of the Doctoral Program in European and Contracts Law lies in the study and establishment of European law on a higher scientific research level, in that of European norms, dealing with all aspects of this juridical order and that of contracts. Some of the competencies that this program develops are the ability to communicate properly at the scientific level, the use of convincing arguments, and the clear articulation of ideas, as well as the ability to debate and support others involved in teaching, supervision or different demonstrations.

Doctorate studies in “Administrative Science”

The “Doctorate” study program in “Administrative Science” is organized at the Department of Political and Administrative Sciences. This study program provides participants with in-depth knowledge in the field of administrative science studies, in the political, economic and social-cultural components of administrative science, provides knowledge on quantitative metrics used to improve public administration, knows them with models and contemporary visions on the positioning of public administration in the context of globalization and European integration.

Doctorate studies in “Pharmaceutical Sciences”

Doctoral studies in “Pharmaceutical Sciences” are offered by the Department of Pharmacy at Albanian University. This study program aims to preparing prominent specialists in the relevant pharmaceutical fields by influencing the performance of the Albanian pharmaceutical service and developing in-depth research and analysis of health issues in order to contributing further development of the country and improvement of higher education programs.


Doctorate studies in “Clinical Psychology”

The Doctoral study program in “Clinical Psychology” is offered by the Department of General Psychology at Albanian University. It provides participants with profound insights from today’s global theories on the applied psychology, part of which is clinical psychology. It provides knowledge on quantitative and qualitative metrics developed on the basis of comparative studies with other developed countries with years of experience in the field of scientific research. It enables the integration of in-depth knowledge acquired during the master’s program in clinical psychology or similar disciplines in order to create prominent researchers.


* Albanian University has submitted an application to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for the opening a new Doctorate study program in “Standardization: European Integration, Technology Transfer and Innovation” as well as the reorganization of the Doctoral Program in “Finance” pending adoption by the Ministry of Education Sports and Youth.