Department of Pharmacy

Head of Department: Prof. Asoc. Dr. Kleva Shpati

The Department of Pharmacy at Albanian University offers integrated Pharmacy study program. This program started in the academic year 2005-2006, with the approval of MoES, no. 5663 Prot, dated 01.09.2005 and reorganized by Order of MES no. 226, dated 21.06.2009. The integrated study program is offered full-time with a duration of 5 academic years and 300 ECTS. The program was accredited by the MoES Order no. 462, dated 14.10.2010. In the framework of procedures for continuation and enhancement of quality, the study program was accredited by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education by Decision no. 18, dated 02.03.2019.

The mission and purpose of this program is in line with the Albanian University mission, a qualitative university education, the education of the best moral values, the development of scientific research, in order to provide the formation of professionally capable specialists that can advance the process of economic and social development of the country. For the curriculum development of the Pharmacy Integrated Second Phase Study curriculum, the Department has been consulted with a large number of university curricula for the Pharmacy branch of European countries and beyond. Upon successful completion of the Diploma Exam, the Integrated Secondary Study Program, the students acquire Master of Science in Pharmacy. This study program offers students the opportunity to apply multidisciplinary knowledge gained during the teaching process in professional practices, public pharmacy open to the public, etc. Students completing studies in this program at Albanian University possess the necessary skills and knowledge to continue their postgraduate, doctoral, postgraduate qualifications.

Objectives of the study program:

  1. To form top specialists in the field of pharmacy and to prepare new scientists, in line with the country’s development priorities, contributing to the quality enhancement of standards;
  2. To create, develop, transmit and protect knowledge through teaching, scientific research in the pharmaceutical field with all its disciplines;
  3. Contribute to the national economic, social and service development, taking an active part in all national projects leading to the growth and improvement of the pharmaceutical service in the country;
  4. Integrate teaching and research by supporting contemporary values and rhythms in this dynamic field such as pharmaceuticals;
  5. Promote co-operation in the field of education by improving curricula and curricula in cooperation with other universities that have basic Pharmacy units, so that pharmacists out of the labor market are an added value of the entire service medical.
  6. Provide theoretical and practical knowledge to graduate students with a sound scientific basis needed to practice the pharmacist’s profession and to work in the health field in the role of drug experts and health care products (cosmetics, diet, food, plant products, sanitary items, etc.).