Registar’s office

The Learning Secretariat is an auxiliary and service unit, in view of the teaching process at the University. It is responsible for the organization and functioning of the process of registration, transfers, examinations, the process of issuing diplomas and various recordkeeping.

The Learning Secretariat consists of the chief secretary and secretaries, who are appointed and dismissed by the General Manager.

The Learning Secretariat organizes its work based on the Regulation of the Secretariat.

The Registrar is responsible for the direction and activities of the Student Affairs Division and is responsible for the following;

  • It is responsible for the registration and matriculation of students and creating, collating and maintaining confidentiality of their data;
  • It is responsible for implementing the procedures of transfer students and is responsible for the completion of all relevant documentation;
  • Announces the approved schedule of classes, practices, consultations, examinations and monitors and controls its implementation;
  • It is responsible for the preparation and distribution of exam papers.
  • It is responsible for announcing the conclusions of the control of knowledge;
  • It is responsible for documenting and implementing the transfer of students with the counterpart institutions;
  • For each student, follows the realization of the study plan and notifies when there are deviations from thel study plan;
  • It is responsible for communicating with and informing their families about student performance;
  • Prepares documentation for decision-making application, registration, cessation or resumption of studies and transfer;
  • It is responsible for the completion of the education and acceptance and issuance of certificates, certificates and other documents;
  • Draws reports and prepares data in different time on the progress of the students’ results, their numbers according to the degrees and year of study, as well as for the realization of the teaching load of academic staff, at the request of the administrative and academic management of the institution.
  • At the end of the every semester, the Registrar submits to the Dean of the Faculty and the Rector a special report with detailed data on the implementation of the tasks and the situation in general in the duties covered.