There are three libraries at the Albanian University premises, serving as a study hall and internet centers for the students. In them there are stored files with titles of university books and literary twork. At the beginning of each academic year, the Institution ensures to enrich the literature in accordance with the curriculum offered and with the latest publications in the market. In addition, at the special departments, small libraries have been set up which provide specific literature for the students of the respective programs. AU library work schedules are available for students from Monday to Friday during the time spam between 08.00 – 16.00, as well as Saturdays from 08.00 to 12.00. Students enroll via membership cards that allow them to use the books in the study room facilities within the university.

Currently, in accordance with the faculties in the institution are found the following libraries:

Library at AU building, Zogu I Boulevard

This collection includes a total of 5,107 books, which are teaching books, literary works, manuals, symposiums, dictionaries, various journals and various newspaper articles of the University. This library obtains 1538 titles: 235 titles are in foreign language literature, and about 1303 titles are in Albanian.

Library at the AU building, “Durrës Street”

This library has a total of 2871 books, divided by branches, study books, academics, literary, dictionaries, as well as various scientific journals, foreign literature, conference papers and various newspaper articles of the University. There are 1121 titles in this library, of which one part belongs to the academic program of the Medical field: i.e. 335 titles. The rest is devoted to other study programs offered by “Albanian University”: Literature for Architecture, Economics, Law and Politics, Political Science, Psychology, Journalism and various Donations. Of these, 196 titles are foreign literature.

Library at AU Building, “Kavaja Street”

This library has a total of 1199 books. The library has 526 titles, out of which 202 titles are foreign. Literature is recorded in the Library’s inventory mainly of the Department of Architecture and Engineering, as well as academic, literary, study literature, articles in various fields. In this library there are also donations from prominent Albanian, Italian and OSCE professors.

At the disposal of students there are a set of online libraries, which are accessible under the supervision of the librarian at the internet center. Online libraries are advised according to the respective fields of study.