IT Services & Computer Labs

Another not unimportant service is the Computer Laboratory equipped with the most recent multimedia technology. It contains thirty computers connected to the network and a large plotter, used for lectures or seminars. Likewise, lecture halls are equipped with video projectors, by which lecturers make visual explanation of subjects/courses in all branches.

Students of Albanian University are provided with such user domains, through which they are given the opportunity to have access to the computer system, computer labs, as well as other computer services, including the Internet. These addresses give students also access to discussion on forums of the official website of the university. Students have also access to and opportunity to expand their knowledge through “online” education system, which consisted of searching on the Internet support and suggested materials requested by lecturers.  

All students at the Albanian University have their e-mail addresses:

Over the next five years, this system will be further processed in various aspects, adding the number and quality of computers.

On the website of Albanian University, students can register on the Forum webpage and discuss various problems or topics related mainly to Albanian University.

Participants in the forum are specified according to their own interests, which may be in relation to students’ life, course schedules, lecturers, lectures and administration.