Faculty of Medical Sciences

Faculty of Medical Sciences, is a main academic unit of Albanian University that develops teaching and research in areas related to known medical profiles and licensed by the relevant state authorities.

The main office of the Faculty of Medical Sciences is in Tirana, “Durresi” Street – Former Court Building, whereas the teaching process takes place also in other premises of Albanian University, such as: “Kajo Karafili” Street, Former “International” Building; “Kavaja” street; “Raiffeisen” Building; “Zogu I” Boulevard, Former “Estrada” Building.

Faculty of Medical Sciences has the main purpose organizing the process of teaching and research, development as well as dissemination at the highest intellectual level of knowledge in medical sciences.

It promotes free study development, teaching and research, large-scale cooperation with national and international institutions of higher education and culture, openness to the national and international scientific community and cooperation with the state administration.

Study programs offered by the Faculty of Medical Sciences are:

  • Master of Science in “Dentistry”;
  • Master of Science in “Pharmacy”;
  • Bachelor in “Nursing
  • Bachelor in “Physiotherapy”;
  • Professional Master in “Surgical Nursing”;
  • Professional Program – 2 years “Dental Technician”
  • Long-term specialization in “Dentistry”:
        – Orthognathodontic
        – Oral Surgery
  • Joint program in “Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics ”.  ( Italian language)


Faculty of Medical Sciences aspires to fulfill its educational mission in a spirit of freedom and respect for human dignity, liberty of ideas, transparency in procedures and promotes free thinking of teachers and students, ensuring equal opportunities for employment and studying.