Institutional Organization

“Albanian University” as an institution of higher education, is basing its organizational and academic activities on the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, Law No. 9741, dated 21.5.2007 (updated) “On higher education in the Republic of Albania”, as amended by law no. 9832, dated 12.11.2007 and No. 10 307, dated 22.7.2010the Charter of the Institution and in regulations adopted pursuant to it.

  • The statute represents and constitutes decision-making and executive structures and defines the duties and responsibilities of each unit. The charter describes the academic and administrative structure of the university and establishes their relationships;
  • The statute has priority before the rules of the university, faculty regulations, programs of study, as well as over directions or other documents that are drafted by the university structures;
  • The Academic Senate is the highest academic collegial authority which exercises all powers relating to the programming and coordination of research and teaching activities. Academic Senate formulates policies for the development of the university, coordinates, directs and controls the activities of teaching and research and evaluates their effectiveness.
  • The Rector is the highest academic directing authority. He represents the higher education institution, acting on its behalf. He directs and coordinates all academic activities of the university. In cooperation with the University Senate and the Administrative Governing Board, he directs and builds the development policies of the institution.
  • The Administrative Board is the highest administrative collegial authority who supervises and controls the activities of the institution of higher education related to administrative management, financial, economic and university property.
  • The administrator is the highest leading administrative authority. According to the contract specifications, he/she leads the administrative board and signs all decisions taken by it.
  • The Faculty is the main unit that coordinates teaching, research and cultural development in teaching and research areas.
  • The Dean is the leading authority of the faculty. He directs all teaching sciences in college. He designs the faculty development plan according to base units, approves the plan proposed by the responsible of base unit for academic calendar and perform other rights and obligations defined in the regulations of the faculty.
  • The Department is a basic teaching and research unit, which includes homogeneous research areas and groups respective academic disciplines.
  • The responsible for the base unit is responsible for all activities of the Department, the formation of learning groups and their functioning. The Responsible of the base unit regularly and systematically follows the implementation of programs of study by lecturers, evaluates and directs their development programs in collaboration with the Office of Curriculum Development. The Responsible of the base unit builds comprehensive extracurricular activities plans and research initiatives, designs and proposes strategies for the development and performance of base unit.
  • The Ethics Council, established at the university, discusses ethical issues of university life, and makes proposals to the Rector. The Ethics Council is selected by the Academic Senate. The members are elected by the academic staff with the title “Professor” with the proposal of the Rector. Ethics Council is chaired by the Rector.