Students Counsil

Students Counsil

The “Albanian University” Students Council (AUSC) is an independent organization of students which does not perform political and economic activities. This Council promotes participation of students and coordinates their representation in steering bodies of higher education institutions, teaching and research structures and services.

“Albanian University” Students Council expresses opinions and proposals for all problems of common interest for the higher education institution, as well as plans and study programs, regulations for teaching activities, the right to study, quality of services, development of different culture, artistic, sportive, etc., activities.

The Administrative Board of the Albanian University supports the Students Councils and proposals about different activities.

The “Albanian University” Students Council has the following main scopes and objectives:

  • To address the students concerns and settle them;
  • To contribute in boosting organizational and administrative capabilities of the most active groups of students;
  • To create structures serving the information of students and take care of their well-going;
  • To cooperate with steering bodies of the Universities and Faculties aiming to improve teaching, research and scientific level;
  • To establish and strengthen connections between students of the University and students from other Universities in Albania and worldwide;
  • To undertake actions that will help in the improvement of students’ conditions;
  • To establish additional structures for development of extra-curricular activities for students;
  • To offer facilitating services for students;
  • To develop the cultural and education level of students;
  • To carry out activities aiming entertainment in various forms.