University Clinic





2006 marks the opening of the Dental University Clinic as an important part of the Integrated Second Cycle Study Program “Master of Science in Dentistry”.

The Dental University Clinic “Çerçiz Mingomataj” is licensed by the National Business Center. For 13 years, the Clinic supports the functioning of the Department of Dentistry, with specialised facilities, equipped with 74 dental chairs (with appropriate facilities: illumination, air, water, mobility according to clinical situation, surgical aspiration, cavitation, polymerization lamp, etc.), sterilizable after the procedure of each patient.

Each space has its own specifics for the subject it covers, and therefore the supporting materials for carrying out the clinical works are specific according to the characteristics of each room, namely:

  • therapy room (dentistry and endodontics),
  • pedodontic room for treating 3-16 year olds;
  • orthodontics room;
  • fixed and mobile prosthetic room together with the student laboratory;
  • ambulatory surgery room;
  • room of periodontology and of mucous diseases,
  • rooms of Oral Surgery and Implantology structures of “Day Hospital” in the service of students and specialists.
  • digital radiographic examination room.

It is worth mentioning the investment made for the cephalometric evaluation software program and the professional data storage devices that help students evaluate, discuss, treat clinical cases in the field of Orthodontics and Surgery and Implantology.


For the fulfillment of optimal surgical ambulatory interventions two surgical rooms are available that meet the criteria for sterile intervention. The rooms are equipped with a hall with beds for a proper general examination of the patient, venous route tracing if the intervention will be performed by sedation and hospitalization several hours after the intervention until his or her dismissal in optimal conditions after the intervention.


Cleansing rooms for doctors to ensure the sepsis of the intervention provided with wash basins and sterile outfits and clothing. Autoclave sterilization rooms, plasticizing paper for surgical instruments that are sterilized and stored under sterile conditions.


The laboratory facilities are used not only for teaching activity but also for research work by professors and students who work on their dissertation and the works they present at student conferences.


New for the Dental University Clinic “Çerçiz Mingomataj” is the acceptance of graduates interested in the development of a one-year professional practice, a criterion for sitting for the exam of obtaining the Licence as Dental Doctor.