Prof. Dr. Pavllo Kongo

Professor Pavllo Kongo joined the Dental Medical Centre of Tirana in 1963-1966 period, in the capacity of “Physician-Dentist” at Tirana Dental Center, whereas in 1966, he became part of Dental Therapy Department. Initially, he was an Assistant Lecturer and later on Lecturer of “Pediatric Dental Therapy” subject.

In 1979, he was appointed Head of ”Dental Therapy” Department and carried out this duty until 2000. He continued to be the lecturer of cycle of lectures in Pedodontic and Dental Therapy. In 2004, with opening of Faculty Universitas Fabrefacta Optime (U.F.O.Dental), he was given the duty of the Dean and later on the Rector U.F.O. University, today “Albanian University”.

Professor Kongo was given the chance to attend higher university studies in the Faculty of Dentistry in Sofia, Bulgaria, which he later on completed at the Faculty of Medicine, branch of Dentistry with very good results in his studies.

In 1972, he completed a specialisation in Paris for Pedodontic. In 1980, he defended the thesis for obtaining the scientific degree of “Candidate of Medical Sciences”. In 1984, he was given the title “Docent”, whereas in 1994, he was awarded the academic title ”Professor Kongo is member of Steering Committee of Balkan Stomatological Society since its foundation in 2003. He was one of the organizers of VIII Balkan Stomatological Society and President of the Organizing Committee.

For his contribution in education of future dentists, he was awarded the “Naim Frasheri” Order, Class II and later on Class I.


Prof. Assoc. Dr. Aida Dama
Deputy Rector for the Teaching Process

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Aida Dama graduated in 2008 from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Studies, Florence, Italy. In 2012, at this university, she defended her thesis, obtaining the title Ph.D. ("Doctor of Science"), at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, University of Studies, Florenze, Italy. In 2012, Prof. Dr. Assoc. Dr. Aida Dama was engaged at Albanian University (AU) as a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Coordinator of the Ph.D. program. In 2013 onwards she was engaged as the Head of Pharmacy Department at this university, and at the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017 she was appointed Deputy Rector for the Teaching Process at AU.  Prof. Assoc. Dr Aida Dama has reached an intensive pedagogical and research activity. She is the initiator and organizer of many scientific collaborative activities with local and foreign universities and professors in the field of medical sciences and author of many scientific articles published in national and international journals.

Dr. Med. Science. Erda Qorri
Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences

Dr. Med. Science Erda Qorri graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at the Dental Medicine University "Carol Davila" in Bucharest in 2004. She completed her post-graduate studies as a Specialist in Oral Surgery at the University Hospital "Dan Theodoresu" in Bucharest, and in 2013 received the Doctor of Science Degree in Dentistry Department of Parodontology in Bucharest, where it presented with the highest rate on the topic: "Gingivar Retraction. Clinical Forms and Treatment Modalities ". From 2010 onward she is part of the academic staff at Albanian University and lecturer of Oro – Maksilo – Facial Surgery, and Oral Medicine. In 2013 she became coordinator and member of the editorial board of the "Optime" scientific journal. She is the Scientific Coordinator of the School of Specialization at Albanian University in Oral Surgery, Oro-Maksilo-Facial Surgery, Implantology and Dr. Med. Science Erda Qorri is co-author of published books abroad and author of many articles published in national and international journals and has participated and organized a National and International Dental Scientific Conference giving scientific contribution to the field of dentistry.

Dr. Gilberta Hadaj
Head of Department of Education and English

Dr. Gilberta Hadaj is graduated in Albanian language and Literature, Master of Science in Modern Language and obtains a Doctoral Degree in Linguistics at the Faculty of History and Philology, University of Tirana, in September 2017. From 2012 onward she has been involved as full-time lecturer on the Albanian Language course at the Department of Education and English, Albanian University.

Dr. Gilberta Hadaj has participated as author and co-author at numerous conferences, seminars and other national and international scientific and academic activities. She is a collaborator in international projects as well as author of many articles published in scientific journals at home and abroad. Dr. Gilberta Hadaj is currently in the process of publishing at the Albanian Academy of Sciences a monography titled "Impacts in Albanian Wordforms".

Assoc. Prof. Dr Jordan Daci

Professor, scholar and professional with more than 20-year experience in the field of law, as well as in higher education, public administration, judiciary, regulated professions and legal reforms in various fields, etc. He is the author of textbook for the subject of Human Rights in Albanian universities, which is also used in several institutions in Kosovo, author of a monograph in the field of constitutional law, author of about 38 presentations and 36 scientific papers published in Albania and journals of some of the prestigious universities worldwide. Beside publications, Prof. Daci is author of about 120 draft-laws, other acts and important documents approved in Albania and Kosovo, as well as author and co-author of several international reports on judicial system in Albania, criminal law in Albania, the Balkans, etc.


Prof. Daci exercises the profession of advocate in all courtrooms of the Republic of Albania, including European Human Rights Court, as well as Arbitration and several foreign courts. During his experience, he managed to represent important cases in the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court, which influenced changes into judicial practices. He also successfully represented cases of great sensitivity for the audience.


In the framework of professional activity, among other things, he carried out the duty of adviser, constitutional expert, rapporteur, evaluation expert and coordinator for international organisations such as OSCE-ODIHR, American Bar Association, Rule of Law Initiative (ABAROLI,) Balkan Rule of Law Network, UNDP Kosovo, Albanian government, Kosovo government, Assembly of Albania, etc. Likewise, he held academic duties, such as head of department, dean, deputy rector in several universities in Albania and Kosovo.


Prof. Daci has achieved advanced professional and academic knowledge in the field of Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Fiscal Law, Criminal Procedure, International Law, democratisation, negotiations, advanced analytical skills, teaching and training, legal and academic writing, etc. Advanced skills and knowledge in information technology, compilation and implementation of various research projects and others in the field of justice and other social sciences.


Prof. Daci holds the academic title of“ Associate Professor in Law” awarded by University of Tirana. He also obtained the scientific degree of “Doctor of Science in Public Law” from Faculty of Law, University of Tirana and scientific degree “Master of Arts in Democracy and Human Rights” from University of Bologna and University of Sarajevo, as well as the diploma conferring on him with title“ Jurist” achieved from the four-year study program at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. He obtained also several attestations from short-term and long-term qualifications, as well as non-degree post-graduate study programs, including a non-degree post-graduate study course on gender studies and women.

Prof. Daci possesses the language competences of native Albanian language, excellent professional competences of English and Italian language, limited professional knowledge of Turkish language, as well as basic knowledge of Serbo-Croatian language.


Prof. Daci is currently engaged as an expert for the Government of Kosovo for drafting the national framework of human rights indicators, as well as a constitutional expert for constitutional

amendments under review at the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, lecturer of the subject Criminal Procedure in the National School of Advocacy, as well a member of Legal Advisory Team of Fair Trials international organisation.

Prof. Dr. Bardhyl CEKU : Head of the Department of Economics

Prof. Dr. Bardhyl CEKU

Head of the Department of Economics

Completed his studies at the Vocational Commercial School in Vlora with a “Golden Medal”, and then in the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, in the profile of trade economist with distinguished results. Until 1981, he worked as a part-time lecturer in the Department of Trade. During 1981-1983 period, he completed the foreign trade course at the Faculty of Economy. In 1986, he defended the PhD thesis and in 1994 he obtained the title “Professor”. He attended specialisations in the field of marketing at the University “Pierre Mendès France” Grenoble (France), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA), University of Anger (France) and University of Venice (Italy). In some of these universities he held cycles of lectures as guest professor (at the University of Anger-France, regional universities, etc.). He is author of more than 30 textbooks, monographies, brochures, as well as author of scientific papers and participant in several studies. He acted in the capacity of member or adviser of several governmental and non-governmental organisations. He held several steering positions, such as Head of Department, Deputy Dean, Deputy Rector. He has supervised and co-mentored many students for obtaining the degree of “Doctor of Science” inside and outside the country. He has been consultant in several private companies. Since 2006, he is President of CEDIMES (Center of Studies for International Development of Social and Economic Changes) in Albania, Paris-based. He held meetings for exchange of experience in some other Universities, such as Austria, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Morocco, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey etc. Currently, he is carrying out the duty of Head of Department of Economic Sciences in the Albanian University, Tirana.

Dr. Doriana Pano : Head of the Department of Legal and Political-Administrative Sciences

Dr. Doriana Pano

Head of the Department of Legal and Political-Administrative Sciences

Dr. Doriana Pano has completed her doctoral studies in the field of History and International Relations at the Faculty of History-Philology, University of Tirana, in April 2017, with the highest evaluation by the evaluation committee. From 2006 onwards she is a full-time lecturer at the Department of Political and Administrative Sciences. From 2017, she was appointed as the head the Department of Political and Administrative Sciences, part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at "Albanian University".

Dr. Doriana Pano is the author and co-author of a monography and university textbook, author of several articles published in national and international journals and participant in many scientific conferences at home and abroad.

Dr. Med. Science Nilena Eriksen : Head of Dentistry Department

Dr. Med. Science Nilena Eriksen

Head of Dentistry Department

Dr. Med. Science Nilena Eriksen (Nasi) graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Dental Medicine University "Carol Davila" in Bucharest in 2001. In 2005, after finishing her postgraduate studies, she received the title of the Specialist Doctor in General Dentistry, and in 2007 received the title Doctor of Medical Sciences, Department of Pedodonty, Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila", Bucharest, where she defended the PhD thesis entitled "Contributions to clinical framework and treatment of complicated caries in level of temporary molars ".

In 2008-2010, she has been engaged as an external lecturer at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Albanian University to return to 2013 as a full-time lecturer for the Pediatric Dentistry and Nutrition cources. Since 2018, she is in charge of the Department of Dentistry Department of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Albanian University.

Dr. Med. Science Nilena Eriksen is the author of two publications in Romanian, as well as a co-author of various scientific articles, published in Albania and abroad. In addition she has participated in many National Dental Scientific Conferences.

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Kleva Shpati : Head of Department of Pharmacy

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Kleva Shpati

Head of Department of Pharmacy

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Kleva Shpati completed her studies at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacy. In 2003, at the Faculty of Medicine, she completed her postgraduate studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences and in 2013 earned the "Doctor" degree at the same University with the thesis "Biopharmaceutical Aspects of the Use of Statins in our Country". In 2007, Dr. Kleva Shpati completed the "Insitute Francais de Gestion" Master Degree at the University of Bordeaux in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Tirana. Since 2007, Dr. Kleva Shpati is a full-time professor at the Department of Pharmacy, Albanian University, and since March 2018 up to date holds the position of Head of Pharmacy Department. Dr. Kleva Shpati is the author of several publications of scientific articles and participant in national and international conferences, as well as co-author of the book for the students of medical sciences and pharmaceuticals "Bio-pharmacy and Pharma-concientics".

PhD. Laura Shumka : Head of the Department of Art Design

PhD. Laura Shumka

Head of the Department of Art Design

PhD. Laura Shumka is employed full time at the Department of Architecture since 2016, now the Department of Art Design of the Albanian University, currently lecturer for the subjects of Interior Design, Project Recognition and 3D Art. Laura has completed her Ph.D. research at the Agricultural University of Tirana in 2014 and her undergraduate studies in Architecture at the University of Tirana. Her research interests extend to the field of architecture, design, the integrated study of cultural heritage monuments; application of advanced techniques in the conservation and rehabilitation of works of art; the introduction of ISO standards for cultural monuments, ranging from theory to design to implementation and landscape architecture. She has actively collaborated with researchers in several other engineering sciences and nature conservation. Laura was team member of projects as: ‘Complex research of Rajca and Lumi i Gashit as UNESCO sites’, in 2016; ‘Towards Strengthened Governance of the Shared Transboundary Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Lake Ohrid Region - IUCN, ICOMOS, Ministry of Environment of Albania and Ministry of Culture of Albania’ in 2017.

In May 2018 she was invited  as a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Konya, Turkey on the topic: "Innovative approaches in the conservation of mural images against the invasion of fungi". She has participated in national and international scientific conferences presenting herself as first speaker or co-author. She has published over 12 scientific articles in international journals, 5 of which are indexed on Thomson Reuters, Scopus and JCR.

Dr. Besjana Tosuni : Lecturer at the Department of Engineering

Dr. Besjana Tosuni

Lecturer at the Department of Engineering

Dr. Besjana Tosuni (Mema) is a graduate of Mathematics-Physics, and Master of Science in Applied Mathematics in 2011 at the University of Elbasan. In September 2017, she completed her doctoral studies in Management Information Systems at the U.E. of Tirana, with excellent evaluation. During the period 2012-2018, she was engaged as a part-time lecturer at “Alexander Xhuvani” University for math courses at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Since 2017 onwards she has been a full-time lecturer at the Department of Engineering of Albanian University.

The fields of study of Dr. Besjana Tosuni are: - Education and related issues, Management Information System, Graph theory in computer science applications and Tourism destination networks.

Dr. Besjana Tosuni is an active participant of various national and international scientific conferences and activities, as well as author of many articles published in scientific journals both abroad and at home. Dr. Besjana Tosuni is the author of the book "Math Exercises for Primary Education".