Student Clubs

The students’ club regulation is based on Law no. 80, dated 22.07.2015 “On Higher education in the Republic of Albania” amended, in sub-legal acts in force as well as in the Articles of Association and Internal Regulation of “Albanian University”.

The student clubs regulation in “Albanian University” is object to future amendments by the Academic Senate of “Albanian University” in accordance with each amendment of the legal and sub-legal acts which norm the higher education activity.


Marketing and Management Club

The set-up of this club, aims to encourage the students’ abilities in two basic business components such as: management and marketing.

Workshops and open lectures with thematic on organizations, accountability, communicative abilities, finances, informative management systems and their influence in managerial undertaking, gives the opportunity to students to express their talent and abilities in such branches.

Art and Design Club

The Art and Design club aims to organise the passionate students of photography, painting, architecture in the activity related to painting, photography exhibitions, and projects of Web-Design students in “Albanian University”. The students registered to such club, organise open discussions with professionals invitees of respective professions.

Engineering and informatics club

Engineering and informatics club aims organizing seminars on the laboratory works with special thematic of their profession. The students’ practical work promotion in software construction, analogue and digital electronics, electric and electronic measuring is in the main focus of this club. 


“Society and Law” Club

The mission of “Society and Law” student club is expansion of legal, political, administrative and social culture of “Albanian University” students.

Professionals and specialists of the private, penal, public and administrative law, international relations, EU international law, as well as experts in the field of law, organise special trainings with students. 

Organizing seminars, scientific debates, open hours, on the jurisprudence interpretation of albanian and international courts, aim to educate members of this club to collaborate with professionals of the respective field closer to their profession.

The psychologists club

The psychologists club organises activities related to open discussions of different social problems thematic, psychology of development and clinic psychology as well as the group therapy and role play.

Organising different visits to institutions such as orphanage, retirement house for elderly, rehabilitation centre, schools, and kindergartens aim raising the students’ awareness and being included in humanitarian campaigns.

Teaching and linguistic club

Teaching and Linguistic Club, aims to develop the students ability of critical thinking and judging.

Organization of workshops and debates related to professional ethics of teaching, psychology and communication management, teaching techniques and strategies, aim to increase students practical and professional aspect.


Young dentists club

The dentists club aims to stimulate the students’ abilities in searching and treating special topics related to the latest news of their profession.

The young specialists discuss special thematic related to preventing and treating diseases and disorders related to oral cavities, maxilla-facial region and their impact in the human body.

The young pharmacists club

The young pharmacists club is created for students in order to learn as much as possible about pharmaceutical sciences and practical pharmaceutics.

Organizing open discussions with professionals of the field, on the thematic related to individualized medicaments, natural substances, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharm epidemiology, radiologic pharmacy etc, aims to further expand the students scientific and professional abilities.

The nursing and physiotherapy club

Nursing and physiotherapy club for students who want to expand more their knowledge in such discipline of medical field.Organizing the open discussions and seminar related to patients’ management, Ophthalmology, dietology, anaesthesia, geriatrics, paediatrics, internal diseases etc. aims to promote and expand further the students’ vision. 


Student Clubs Regulation