“International Day of Women and Girls in Science”

On International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Office of Career and Alumni” held a roundtable with the main topic “A difficult path toward great achievements!”   

Part of this activity were the Alumni and students of Albanian University”. The activity was organize  as a discussion, where the alumni dwelt on their personal experience during their career achievements and how difficult but not impossible is the engagement of women and girls in the field of science. This day served as an incentive to sensitize the society, especially girls and women about their abilities and skills to move ahead in the fields of science.  

We extend our gratitude to the girls who shared their experience with us and wish them further successes in their career path!
Enekeleda Hoxha- Alumni (Graduated from the study program Bachelor in Computer Engineering, employed in the technological company X-Hub).
Mariela Veizi- Alumni (Graduated from the integrated study program Master of Science in Pharmacy, employed in her field of studies at Profarma Pharmaceutical Company).