Discussion Forum with students of Department of Legal and Political-Administrative Sciences on integrity of elections and political parties

The Institute of Political Studies (ISP), with the support of British Embassy, organized a discussion forum with students of legal and political sciences in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Albanian University. The invited guest, Arben Çejku, director of Albanian Center for a Good Governance focused his discussion on integrity of political parties, transparency and public accountability. Prof. Ervin Karamuço, senior legal expert dwelled on the integrity of the elected officials, procedures and needs for improvement. The head of department of Legal and Political-Administrative Sciences, Dr. Doriana Pano discussed about the election standards and the representation, as well as Albania’s challenges in the contest of 2023 local elections process and EU membership talks. During the discussion, students and exports shared assessments and opinions about the need for boosting engagement and capacity of academic world, civil society and media to contribute in increase of transparency of electoral process regarding public awareness for integrity of elections and the need for candidates without criminal records, as well as for the challenge of political parties for internal democracy. Part of the discussion was the debate about implementation of legislation on decriminalisation, as a process that demands efficiency, transparency and responsibility. The participants pointed to a greater engagement of students in monitoring and measurement of integrity indicators during elections process.

ISP and AU have established a corporation in the course of years, in the framework of projects and legal programs and rule of law related to EU, NED, USAID, MVU, etc.