Workshop “Framework Model for Innovation in Professional Education” at “Albanian University”

“Albanian University” and the InnoVET 3 Team organized a workshop on February 23rd on the topic “Framework Model for Innovation in Professional Education” within the framework of the collaboration agreement between AU-ICLA and the ‘Living Lab’ project. Members of the academic staff from “Albanian University,” representatives from InnoVET, EU4 Innovation GIZ – ProSEED, the Director of “Beqir Cela” school, and other partners/colleagues/students, were part of this event.

This workshop marks a critical step towards the objective of proposing an innovative model for professional education in Albania and beyond, in connection with the collaboration between VET, University, and NGOs, leveraging the strengths and knowledge of all involved stakeholders. The activity aims to strengthen the dialogue and partnership between “Beqir Cela” VET school, the university, and ICLA, encouraging a unified approach towards achieving the project’s objectives.

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