Works of Prof. Dr. Enver Bytyçi, lecturer at the Albanian University are present in hundreds of international libraries. Only in USA, they can be found in 725 libraries

The scientific activity of Prof.Dr. Enver Bytyçit in the last years has become known in many world countries. He has written ten books, 8 out of which are study works  and monographs. His books are found in hundreds of state and university libraries in  42 world countries. Three of his monographs are published in the English language, two of which by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in London. Whereas, the book “The right for self-determination: Case of Kosovo” (Das Selbstbestimmungsrecht: Der Fall Kosovo) is published by AkademikerVerlag, Saarland, Germany.
The book of Professor Bytyçi “Coercive Diplomacy of NATO in Kosovo” is published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in London and on November 2016 became a bestseller of this publishing house. This book is found in about 1200 biblioteka in 42 world countries, including almost all the European countries, as well as other countries such as, Namibia, South Africa, United Emirates, China, Japan, Australia, Canada etc. Only in the USA is found in the libraries of 725 universities, colleges and study academies. Including university of Harvard, Stanford, George Washington, New York, California, North Carolina, Washington etc. This book is found also in the libraries of US universities in Bulgaria, Thessaloniki, Kuwait, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.  
In Great Britain, this book is found in the university libraries of Cambridge, Oxford, Oxford Brookes Uni, University East Anglia, University of Bristol, Liverpool etc. There are many libraries in Germany that have included this book Goettingen, Frankfurt, Giesen, Marborg, Nuremberg, Passau etc. In Italy at La Sapienza, University of Milan, European University, etc. The book is found in many university libraries in the Netherlands, Spain, France. Canada, etc.
Meanwhile, his new book, “In the Shadows of Albania-China Relations (1960-1978) is published on February 1, 2022 again by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in London and distributed in 50 university and state libraries in USA, Europe, Asia. While, monographs of Professor Bytyçi published into the Albanian language are now part of many international libraries. For example, the monograph “Albanians, Serbs and Greeks” is found through WorldCat portal in 13 libraries, including the ones at the University of Oxford in London, as well as Stanford and Harvard in USA, State Library of Bayern in Germany, London, New York and American Congress.
Seven out of thirteen publications in Albanian and English are part of the US Congress Library.