Well-known professor of Practical Philosophy in some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, Prof.Dr. Julian Fink held today an open lecture on “Markets and Morality” for students of “Albanian University”

In the venues of “Albanian University” was organized today an open lecture on “Markets and Morality” held by Prof.Dr. Julian Fink, professor of Practical Philosophy in the University of Bayreuth and co-director of Master program ‘Philosophy and Economics’, at the same time scientific researcher in the Study Center “Study of Mind in Nature” at the University of Oslo.

Graduated from the University of Oxford in philosophy, Prof.Dr. Fink has a good experience in teaching in some of the most prestigious universities in Europe,  such as Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Slovac Academy of Sciences, University of Vienna, University of Oslo, as well as University of Graz (Austria).

At the beginning of the lecture, he raised the research question whether the interest of Morality as institution of Altruism runs in compliance with the egoistic interest of revenues of businesses.  Offering practical examples, he explained the philosophical concepts of morality and introduced alternatives of how they can converge with market interests without running counter to each other. 

Students of “Albanian University”showed a lot of interest about the lecture and asked several questions on concepts introduced by him.

At the end of the lecture, Senate of “Albanian University”, through deputy rector, Prof.As.Dr. Aida Dama informed Prof.Dr. Julian Fink of the decision of the Senate of this university for awarding him with the title of honorable member, aiming to strengthen cooperation also in other forms in the field of scientific research and wider.