Visit in the museum, archive and library of the World Bektashi Headquarter

Scholars and researchers of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Applied and Economic Sciences, in the framework of the research infrastructure RESILIENCE in which “Albanian University” is a partner, today visited the museum, the archive and the library of the World Bektashi Headquarter. World HeadFather Hajji Dede Edmond Brahimaj accompanied the scholars during their visit and introduced them to the history of Bektashi based on documents kept in the museum and library. Scholars were interested in Bektashi culture and history and questioned the World HeadFather about it. 

The World Bektashi Headquarter is an important partner of “Albanian University” within the RESILIENCE research infrastructure, providing scholars and researchers with information on the history, art, and culture of this community. The continuous activities organized in collaboration are an enrichment for the scholars.