The International Conference of the Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy at the “Albanian University” with the topic: “Public Health and Epidemiology. “Scientific research in the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic” was successfully concluded

During the 2 sessions with steering panels composed of prestigious figures of “Albanian University”, such as the rector of the university, Prof.Dr. Kaliopi Naska, the Vice-Rector who’s also in charge of Scientific Research and Academic Publications, Emeritus.Prof. Dr. Anesti Kondili, the Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Dr. Shk.Med. Erda Qorri and the head of the Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy Ph.D. Xhejni Borshi presented scientific studies that shed light on a series of consequences that Covid-19 has brought to public health. Most prominent researchers in the field of medical sciences such as Prof. Dr. Alketa Koroshi, Prof. Assoc. Edmond Laho, Dr. Arben Gjonej, Dr. Bardhyl Çipi, Dr. Irisi Myftiu and Dr. Ilta Bylykbashi and many others made an extraordinary contribution to the challenges faced by nurses and physiotherapists in the conditions of the pandemic. The conference welcomed 17 in-depth scientific papers, which sparked discussion and were received with great interest by the participants.