The ceremony on awarding certificates for the project “Digitization of DPA’s information tools”

At “Albanian University”, with the presence of Rector Prof. Dr. Pavllo Kongo, and Prof. Assoc. Ardit Bido, Director of DPA, and Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska, was held the ceremony of awarding certificates to the students of “Albanian University” for participation in the third phase of the project “Digitization of DPA’s information tools” was organized.

In their welcoming speech, they emphasized that the continuation of this project is very important for the University and the General Directorate of Archives, because it is the digitization of the documentation, according to the relevant division and classification over the years. The results of this cooperation come from the dedicated implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between the two institutions, which marked the training of students in this process in the use of special programs, in teaching practices and their training in scientific research, to know the system of enrichment and utilization of information tools at the highest organ of the archival network.

In this ceremony, students from different branches were provided with certificates, who, thanks to this learning cycle, gained knowledge about the system of enrichment and the use of information tools at the DPA, the activity concluded the 9-week journey of the students, after the end of posting archival data in online inventories, carried out under the supervision of the DPA specialist – Mrs. Manuela Docaj.

This teaching practice has been developed for several years, in the framework of the implementation of the joint projects between the institutions.