Orthodox Christianity in Albania in 20 centuries

In the framework of the European research infrastructure RESILIENCE, “Albanian University” in collaboration with the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania and the University College “LOGOS”, organized today, the event “Orthodox Christianity in Albania in 20 centuries”.

The event was opened by Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska, who emphasized the importance of the commitment of “Albanian University” in the framework of RESILIENCE, which is bringing together the Albanian religious communities to draw everyone’s attention, both inside and outside the country, to the contribution made to culture, cultural heritage, history, and values created and preserved by these communities in Albania over the centuries.

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Genta Rexha presented to the attendees the research infrastructure RESILIENCE, which aims to highlight through these activities the hidden treasures of the Albanian religious culture, to make them available to all researchers, scholars, and stakeholders. RESILIENCE has had a positive impact on awakening everyone’s interest and enriching them.