“Education and the role of technology use as an innovation in teaching didactics”

Faculty of Social Sciences 

Department of Education and English

organized the open lecture (round table) on

”Education and use of technology as a novelty in the teaching methodology’’

Held by lecturer Dr. Albana Tahiri

This open lecture, part of academic and social education, aimed at helping students to implement in practice knowledge and their professionalism  gained in the capacity of successful educators. 

During the lecture was explained in details and with practical examples how education and methodology of teaching convey principles, criteria, standards, information, strategy, techniques, methods and various working methods in order to make teaching and learning in school interactive and successful. 

Focus was stressed on:

 Influence of technology into the all components of teaching and learning. 

 Organization of the teaching process, teaching structure based on competences, connection of key competences with standards of subject matters. 

 Didactic novelties, where creativity and inter-action of strategies and techniques increases quality of teaching and learning. 

 Native language teaching, assessed as the basis of intellectual, emotional and social development for students.