What is the Open Research Europe (ORE)

What is the Open Research Europe (ORE)

Albanian University, in its high scientific research capacity as a benefiter of Horizon Europe grants enables the academic staff and scientific researchers to follow the Scientific Publications Platform of “Open Research Europe” (ORE) by becoming part of it with their publications. In the framework of the perspective for boosting scientific research in the international context, Office for Coordination of Scientific Research and Academic Publications, inform the academic staff and scientific researchers of the  Albanian University on the announcement of European Commission about the Scientific Publications Platform – “Open Research Europe” (ORE).

What is the Open Research Europe (ORE) – Electronic source: platform website, 

Open Research Europe is the open access platform of scientific publications created by the European Commission and presented in March 2021 as an optional and free of charge service for benefiters of Horizon Europe grants, among which is also the Albanian University. ORE was created to support the open access publications as  modus operandifor scientific publications in the future and to support the implementation of EC policy oriented toward open access.  

How does the platform work? – Electronic source: how it works ; this short videoOpen Research Europe playlist in DG R& I  

The Platform is a successful model of an open access publication under the auspices of the Commission with the support of professional academic publishers, where scholars from every field of study who can publish in ORE. The Platform has strong publication policies and guidelines that must be completed by all authors. It is supported by a scientific advisory board included in some of the most important indices, such as Scopus, PubMed and many others.