Opening of third year of teaching practice for AU students, in the framework of implementation of project for digitalisation of inventories of archive funds between General Directorate of Archives and Albanian University

“Albanian University” under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska and Director General of  Archives Prof. Assoc. Dr. Ardit Bido, organized the opening of the third year of the implementation of the project “Digitalisation of information tools of DPA”. Attending the opening ceremony, on March 15 was the Director of the Directorate of Central State Archive,  Mr. Armando Boçe, who in his greeting speech underlined that continuation of this project as a teaching practice cycle shall help students in different branches learn about the enrichment and exploitation system of information tools at the most important body of the archive network. During the ceremony, the participants experienced a demonstration of the digital process for inclusion of inventories of archive funds from Director of the Directorate of Evidence, Digitalisation and Restoration, Mr. Armant Vogli in the presence of AU students, who will complete the digital registration of the funds. Deputy Rector for Scientific Research in AU for Scientific Research, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Bergin Gjonaj, expressed his gratitude to DPA for the constant support offered to this important practical teaching process, which consist of the scope and realisation of this project, highlighting that students involved in this project belong to various study fields and following completion of the course shall be equipped with a certificatePractise will be held at the venues of “Albanian University” at the Laboratory of Informatics in the Department of Engineering, Faculty of Applied and Economic Sciences, under the auspices of Mrs. Manuela Doçaj, Head of DPA Sector of Information Means. 

In her speech, Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska underlined that continuation of this project is really important for the University and General Directorate of Archives, due to digitalisation of documents according to respective divisions and classification in the course of years. The results of this cooperation comes also from the dedicated implementation of Cooperation Agreement between two institutions, which marked also the enhancement of students skills in this process regarding use of special programs during teaching practices and their skills in scientific research.