Faculty of Applied and Economic Sciences

The Vision
Faculty of Applied and Economic Sciences aspires to be a dynamic entity dedicated to innovation and creative teaching, long-term intellectual development, professionalism, research, entrepreneurship and cooperation with local and global communities.

The Mission
The mission of the Faculty of Applied and Economic Sciences and is to educate and train students in order for them to acquire in-depth theoretical knowledge as well as develop practical skills through a modern education system, stimulating practical spirit and lifelong learning.

Our Values
> Respect – showing respect for our profession, colleagues, the environment and the communities we serve.
> Integrity – reflected as a key component of everything we do.
> Competitiveness – reflected in the development of programs and opportunities for students to reach their full potential.

Our essential goals are:
– To encourage orientation towards service, professionalism, ethics and dedication to our students.
–  To ensure that our students are gaining skills and experience necessary to work as professionals.
–  To create and maintain a professional work environment, based on ethics and respect, which is cooperative and open to diversity and that  promotes communication, dialogue, sharing ideas and resources where possible.
– To focus on the sustainability of what we offer (in teaching and research, in how we operate and consider communities and the environment).
– Building physical capacities, infrastructure and human resources and capacities to offer students the highest quality education and develop research skills.
– To build the research base by strengthening ties between the Faculty, University Departments, community and industry.
– To build programs which match the needs of students, industry and the community.