MedicAlb Work Agency is the only agency in Albania that offers employment services in the field of medial siciences.

MedicAlb was founded for the first time in July 2020 and offers employment opportunities in private medical clinics facilitating all medical science professionals and not only in the labor market according to the requirements and needs of employees.

Our database already includes about 500 medical science professionals who are looking for a job and over 1000 medical companies that will bring their requests to us at any time for the specifics of employees in need.

Within our structure will be included the training and professional training that will be done to the employees to meet all the necessary standards at work.

Every day more and more our agency is expanding in the medical market aiming at a selection of the best values and qualities of the applicants and after a serious and professional consultation we orient them in the most suitable job offered.

For  more detailed information you can contact:

Cel: 0698971066

Email: medicalbwork@gmail.com