Cooperation agreement of “Albanian University” and Alma Mater Europea Campus Collage “Rezonanca” University

Representatives of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at “Albanian University”, Dr. Agmi Koçiraj and Dr. Edmont Laho made a friendly visit to Alma Mater University Europea Campus Collage “Rezonanca” with the president of the students Prof. Dr. Ramadan Idrizaj and with the management staff. This meeting led to the achievement of cooperation between the two structures in the promotion of scientific research and the exchange of academic staff and students in research activities. The realization of the success of the visit is dedicated to Prof. Dr. Basri Lenjanit, who is one of the pioneers of emergencies in the region of Prof. Dr. Blerim Krasniqi, Mrs. Marigona Shala, and Dr. Ergys Micit.