The program of “Architecture” is an integral part of the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Economic and Applied Sciences.

The Department of Architecture started its activity with the program Master of Science in Architecture in 2005-2006 academic year. The department has academic cooperation with different national and international institutions, promoting scientific research, mobility of academics, mobility of students and doctoral candidates, exchange of information and bibliographic materials etc. To mention some: the University of Pisa which is one of the first ones, University of Nancy, University of Padova etc. In the framework of cooperation with the University of Palermo, in January 2013 the department opened the Third Cycle of Studies PhD in “Energy and its future in the Architecture and Environment Development”.

The Master of Science in “Architecture” as part of the “Albanian University” has as primary task the processing and transmission of knowledge, progress of culture, progress and evaluation in the field of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction. It carefully follows the development of modern engineering science in general and focuses attention primarily on achievements in the field of architectural designs and institutions dealing with the problems of architecture in particular.