“Albanian University” Celebrates Europe Day

posteri “Albanian University” feston Ditën e Europës

Europe Day, held on May 9 annually, celebrates peace and unity in Europe. This date marks the anniversary of the historic “Schuman Declaration” that set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe.

To commemorate him with respect and responsibility, “Albanian University” and the Traditions-Art-Books Center organized the promotion of the monograph book “Robert Shuman, Father of Europe” authored by Rëne Lezhen, translated by Mr. Pëllumb Nako from the publishing house ‘Eugen’.

The activity was organized under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska, Mr. Xhevair Lleshi monograph publisher, under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Enver Bytyçi. The opening speech was held by guest of honor Rector Prof. Dr. Pavllo Kongo. The translator, Mr. Pëllumb Nako, made a general presentation of the book, while the figure of R. Shuman was discussed more widely by Prof. Dr. Enver Bytyçi, the lecturer Dr. Elira Luli and the student of Political and Administrative Sciences Mrs. Jonida Ciko. After interesting discussions, the participants and students were invited to watch documentary material about Schuman’s proposal, considered the beginning of the European Union.