2nd International Conference on Advanced Perioperative Practices held in Kosovo

Alma Mater Europea Campus College Rezonanca University, in cooperation with Faculty of Medical Sciences of “Albanian University” as well as Order of Physicians of Kosovo and Order of Nurses of Kosovo successfully organised the Second International Conference of the most advance perioperative practices.


Attending this important activity were honoured professionals from Kosovo, Albania, Croatia and Slovenia etc. Faculty of Medical Sciences (FSHM) of AU following a preparatory work with some of its lecturers had a serious presentation with topics prepared by three selected lecturers.


Professionals engaged in preparation of topics and their presentation at the conference were Dr. MD. Agim Koçiraj, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Edmont Laho, Dr. Lenica Lena, Msc. Erind Thartori, Msc. Klajdi Belishta, Msc. Studim Hysa.


Topics presented by lecturers of “Albanian University” were:

  1. Management of hypertension in pregnancy (perioperative care) at the Obstetrical- Gynaecological University Hospital “Queen Geraldine”, Tirane.
  2. Nursing Assistance in the pre-operative period.
  3. Methods for placing and holding the peripheral venous catheter (CPV).


During the conference, beside serious presentations by experienced professionals especially in the field of surgery, there were fruitful discussions and exchange of experiences among lecturers and professionals in the field of medicine and nursing.


The focus of conversations held between Rector Prof. Dr. Arianit Isufaj and Prorector Prof. Assoc. Dr. Blerim Krasniqi, was cooperation between our two universities that can be expanded more in the future.